Grab Stills and Movies from Live Video!





    QTGrabber allows you to display live or recorded video directly in your SuperCard windows.

    QTGrabber lets you record still images or QuickTime movies from this video, with a variety of options for image quality, frame rate, and more.

    In addition to the XFCN itself, the package includes a complete sample project so you can start recording video right after you install it.

    The illustration on the right shows the development version of this window, which provides a point-and-click interface to try out all of QTGrabber's features.

Using QTGrabber

QTGrabber is a single external which provides a suite of related functionality. When you call QTGrabber, your first parameter acts as a command, telling QTGrabber what action you want it to take. The remaining parameters provide information to QTGrabber specific to that command.

The following options are listed by the Command parameter.

New Initiate a new grabber sequence in the frontmost window:

QTGrabber ("new")

Using "New" returns a value (referred to as the "paramHandle") used in many of the following calls.

Setup Call the settings dialog for the specified media type:

QTGrabber ("setup", paramHandle, mediaType )

where paramHandle is the parameter handle returned by "new" and mediaType is any of these options: "video", "sound", or "music"

Record Record a QuickTime movie:

QTGrabber ("record", paramHandle, pathName, playThruDuringRecord)

where paramHandle is the parameter handle returned by "new", pathName is any valid Mac path name, and playThruDuringRecord is either "true" or "false".

Grab Grab a frame:

QTGrabber ("grab", paramHandle, pathName, compression)

where paramHandle is the parameter handle returned by "new", pathName
is any valid Mac path name, and compression is any of these options: "noCompression", "lowCompression", "normalCompression", or "highCompression".

If pathName is empty the picture is copied into the clipboard

Update Update the sequence grabber window:

QTGrabber ("update", paramHandle)

where paramHandle is the parameter handle returned by "new".

Idle Give the sequence grabber some time (not necessary for DMA devices such as AV digitizers):

QTGrabber ("idle", paramHandle)

By now you probalby get the idea with paramHandle.

Dispose Dispose the sequence grabber:

QTGrabber ("dispose", paramHandle)

System Requirements

QTGrabber requires SuperCard 1.7.1 or greater.

System 7.0 of greater is also required, with QuickTime installed.

To record live video you will need an AV Macintosh to provide the video input source. May also be compatible with video input cards from other manuafacturers. Please contact us for details on these.

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